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Branch of industry
3D Decorator
Moveable 3D Decorating unit for strings and other decorating designs
4-sided seal wrapper CWLS
Four-sided seal wrapping machine to wrap balls, 3D products and flat lollipops,  cookies, biscuits , etc.
Airconditioning system for coating process
System for conditioning of air applied for drying purposes of a batch of products in a coating pan.
Automatic Coating Pan
Automatic Coating Pan installation, complete and turn key, for coating with sugar, chocolate, fat mass coatings and sugarless solutions.
Ball Forming Line
Ball forming lines to produce solid or center filled cylindrical products wit an output of up to 380.000 pieces/hour.
Ball forming machine CBF
Continuous ball formers for the production of cylindrical shaped products like soft candies, fruit pastes, bubble gums  and comparable masses.
Basket handling systems
Basket and crate handling system as per customer requirement.
Basket Washer
Versatile machine to wash baskets, totes and crates with outputs from 100-8000 baskets/hour,  made to customer specification.
Batch cooker
Batch cooker for sugar masses.
Batch Galaxy
Powerful yet simple compact and versatile multi-purpose high output washing machine, ideal for facilities with little space, constructed entirely of stainless steel.
Batch tempering machine
Chocolate batch tempering machine for 40 or 100 Kg
Bin washer
Wasshing machine for bins on wheels or without wheels, Pallets and IBC containers.
Buffer tank
Buffer tank for integration in production process.
Bunch wrapper CWLB 600-800
High speed bunch wrapping machine for ball shaped lollypops with speed up 800 ppm.
Carugil Omnia Bunch wrapper
Omnia series of lollypop wrappers are new and innovative wrapping machines from Carugil. The Omnia machine is the result of many years of experience, research and development.
Chocolate depositer KCM Beta
Industrial chocolate depositor with 3-axis motion depositor for producing  solid product and solid with ingredients. This depositor is particularly suitable to be retrofitted to exiting lines, also from third party manufacturers.