Airconditioning system for coating process

The LAA Air Conditioning Systems is designed for air heating, air cooling or combined air heating and cooling systems. They guarantee a high quality of supply and exhaust air. Temperature, quantity and purity of the supply air remain always constant. Exhaust air filters are installed for dust-free exhaust air. According to the desired application and individual needs of our customers prefilters and fine filters, fan, heating / cooling device, bypass system and the compensator are designed and combined.

Coating processes can be extremely time-consuming because it takes time to remove the water particles present in the coating medium applied onto the product. Drying time reduction greatly influences productivity and profitability of a coating system. The standard design of an LAA Air Conditioning System includes a supply air fan, exhaust air fan, supply air filter and exhaust air filter. Depending on the application, filter classes from G3 (prefilter) to H11 are installed. In addition, the basic Air Conditioning System contains a heater, two air throttle valve and a bypass valve. The heater can be delivered as an electrical heater or steam heat exchanger, which are both adapted to the required heat. An Air Conditioning System can be extended with several modules as cooling or dehumidifiers. With the standard dehumidification of air by means of condensation a final humidity (absolute) of 10 g water/kg air can be reached. If in addition to the cooler a absorption dehumidifier is used, a humidity of 2 g water/kg air is possible. If the Air Conditioning System uses outside air, a pre-heater is necessary in winter. To conserve energy, save resources and protect the environment the exhaust air heat can be recycled.


 Features  Benefits
Exhaust air filters
  • dust free exhaust air
Variety of filters available
  • versatility
 Air recycling possible
  • energy savings
  • environmental protection




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