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we are Cormac Industrial

Established in 1992, Cormac industrial is an international business-to-business service company. Our headquarters are in Lelystad in the Netherlands, some 60 kilometers north of Amsterdam. The purpose of our organisation is to assist customers in the food industry in finding solutions for their production challenges. We do so by means of support in sourcing and contracting and by offering solutions in close co-operation with our clients.

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our main activities

Our website has been designed to help purchasing- and project managers to find relevant product information in an easy way, to facilitate contact and to help defining product related enquiries.

sourcing & contracting

We can assist purchasing managers with sourcing- and contracting expertise thus facilitating the procurement process

export consult

We assist companies with the formulation and implementation of their export plan, the execution of industrial market research, outsourcing, partner search and optimization of proposal-layouts.

commercial representation

We act as industrial agents to a number of reputable manufacturers of processing- and packaging equipment for the food industry.


For some manufacturers we act as reseller or exclusive distributor. We support our customers in the best possible form.

our solutions

Most of our customers are found in the food industry with a focus on industrial bakeries, candy manufacturers and chocolate companies and dairies. 
In the area of packaging machinery we also serve fresh and dry food companies.

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candy industry
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dairy industry
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fresh food and salad
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some of the products and machinery we supply:

We are active world wide and have sales offices in the Netherlands and Central Europe

Do you need help or more information? Please contact us so that we can deploy our network in order to advise and assist you.