Robotic loading unit

In-house designed Delta and two-axis robot for Inserting a product or group of products into a previously formed box. The robots can be integrated both in standalone loading units and in monoblock solutions. Also, these robots can be used as ancillary solution to prepare different products configurations at the infeed of third party equipment. The robotic loading units can be equipped with vision systems for product inspection, capable of checking the dimensions, the quality and orientation of the products and communicate to the robots which products to select and which to reject. The robotic loading units can be used for different applications: from the primary and secondary packaging up to end-of-line solutions for the packaging in shipping cases. Each project is studied and analyzed in details to design tailor-made solutions which are completely dedicated to the products that need to be handled; thus providing highly flexible and state-of-the-art solution.


Features Benefits
Versatile stand alone or monoblock cofigurations
Own design System Integration; immediate after sales support
Flexible Tailor made solutions



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Bakery, Beverage, Candy & sweets, Chocolate, Cocoa processing, Coffee industry, Dairy, Fish, Fruits and vegetables, Logistics, Meat, Pharmaceutical, Poultry, Personal care

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