company profile

Established in 1992, Cormac industrial is an international business-to-business service company.

Our headquarters are in Lelystad in the Netherlands, some 60 kilometers north of Amsterdam, with good road- and railway connections to Amsterdam airport. The Netherlands are known for political stability, strong financial and logistic infrastructure and a good reputation in international trade and commerce. Our firm has local sales companies in place in Central Europe, covering Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. Furthermore we dispose of a commercial network with associates stretching into South America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East.

Mission statement

The purpose

The purpose of our organisation is to generate a fair profit for the sake of our company’s continuity, and by doing so, creating an environment in which our employees and partners will find job-satisfaction and possibilities for personal growth and development.

The business

This purpose is realised by providing trade related services to suppliers and buyers of industrial goods in defined market segments.

The very nature of our business requires that we offer added value to both our customers and the manufacturers we represent, our principals.

We provide our principals added value by means of:
  • Local presence
  • Field work by trained local sales managers
  • Knowledge of local business culture and language
  • Commercial follow-up of projects
  • Continuous customer contact and market canvassing
  • Targeted promotion of goods and services using state-of-the-art media
  • Operational support of their export-sales departments
At the same time we provide our customers added value through:
  • Experience in defining industrial projects
  • Knowledge of and advise in technical solutions
  • Fast communication with suppliers in different parts of the world 
  • Advise on financing possibilities
  • Objective approach when drawing up purchase/sales contracts
  • The possibility to serve on contract basis as independent sourcing- and contracting agent.

our main activities

Our website has been designed to help purchasing- and project managers to find relevant product information in an easy way, to facilitate contact and to help defining product related enquiries.

sourcing & contracting

We can assist purchasing managers on project basis with sourcing- and contracting expertise.

export consult

We assist companies with the formulation and implementation of their export plan, the execution of industrial market research, outsourcing, partner search and optimization of proposal-layouts.

commercial representation

We act as industrial agents to a number of reputable manufacturers of processing- and packaging equipment for the food industry. Within this sphere, we are particularly focused on – but not limited to – the confectionery industry.


For some manufacturers we act as distributor. Everything you need for your food processing or packaging.

Vision Statement

We realize that success is made by people and by their commitment to the company’s goals. Therefore our company goals should take into account the individual goals of the people working in it. We think that people should develop to be their own ‘managers’ and that we should reduce control mechanisms to a minimum. This requires all employees and partners to be trustworthy and to take their responsibility. Our external style of communicating must be straightforward but always diplomatic. Our internal style of communicating must be straightforward but always polite. We can never be content with what we have achieved.

Therefore, improvement is a continuous process carried by everyone in an atmosphere of constructive co-operation. Our attitude in business is based on respect for cultural- and religious differences, a striving for compromise rather than conflict and the highest possible level of integrity and confidentiality towards suppliers and customers. The foundation of our existence lays in the fact that, through our work, we contribute to the commercial, technical and social goals of the organisations within our network and in the process realize our own growth and continuity.

Want to know more?

Most of our customers are found in the food industry with a focus on industrial bakeries, candy manufacturers and chocolate companies and dairies. In the area of packaging machinery we also serve fresh and dry food companies. We can help you with all kinds of questions about the machine you need.