Solutions in processing and packaging

Since 1992 Cormac Industrial provides her customers with solutions in the field of processing and packaging. Most of our customers are found in the food industry amongst industrial bakeries, candy manufacturers, chocolate companies and dairies.
But also we provide expert consultancy services to the poultry industry.

Processing- and packaging equipment for the chocolate industry

Cormac Industrial can help you find the chocolate processing machines that suit your needs best. Whether these are smaller machines for the craftsman chocolatier or large production lines, we can help you with machines with the right price-quality ratio. Starting from refiners, refiner conches, tempering machines, mixers, storage tanks and pumps up to moulding lines, one-shot or traditional shell moulding, free dressing or other, we have a solution for you. Also the machinery for aeration of chocolate, fillings, nougat and other as well as machines for the production of plain or decorated hollow figures is available from our sources.

Additionally we can offer a wide range of primary and secondary packaging equipment, ranging from distribution- and feeding systems to the flowpackers or chocolate warppers to their their downstream automatic tray loaders, cartoning machines – erecting, loading and closing – as well as palletizing. And for those wishing to pack their products in bags we can offer high quality vertical form-, fill,- and seal machines plus multihead weighers , volumetric dosers and auger fillers to perfectly produce an attactive packaging with a high sealing integrity.

Production- and packaging equipment for the Bakery Industry

Cormac Industrial can help you to find and contract the right type of equipment for the production of a wide variety of bakery products. You may think of for instance of mixers, ovens, cooling tunnels, depositors, sandwiching machines, aerators, chocolate enrobing machines as well as the needed chocolate tempering machines with pumps and piping.

We represent a number of reputable suppliers in this field, such as Vormanfabriek Tilburg, Knobel, Rasch, Trefa and many others. All companies with excellent references in the field.

Do not hesitate to share your requirements with us !

Machines for the dairy- and other food industries

Although we have a focus on the confectionery branche some of our products are widely used in other industries such as the dairy industry and for instance the dry foods industry. Especially the aeration equipment from Trefa can be used to produce aerated creams and wonderful deserts.

Also we can offer hygienic equipment for washing bins and crates and moulds.

Cooking- , forming- and packaging machines for the Candy Industry

The Candy Industry is colourful, diverse and challenging. It is a real challenge for candy manufacturers to produce sweets in appealing shapes and looks and with a distinguishable taste. Cormac Industrial helps you to find the machines to process the raw materials into a formable mass, be it for hard candy, chewy candy, toffee, marhmallow or other. Cooking equipment and forming machinery such as machines depositing into silicon rubber moulds, lollypop forming machines, ball formers and finishing equipment like sugar coating machines, steam conveyors and oiling drums. It is all possible. But also end of line machinery for packaging be it flow wrapping or vertical form – fill and seal machines, we have a solution for you.