Lidding machine

Lidding machines are dedicated to the positioning and gluing of cardboard lids onto trays or display boxes. The lids are formed from flat blanks. The speed is electronically adjustable up to a maximum of 20 boxes per minute for machines with a single lidding head. It is possible to design machines with a double head for a higher speed (up to 40 pcs/min), depending on the required speed and the characteristics of the blanks.



  • Vertical lift lidding machine, max speed 20pcs/min per head
  • Lidding machine, max speed 18pcs/min per head
  • SPECIALS: Special Lidding machine tailored to customer requirements


Features Benefits
Single or double lidding head Choice of speed range
Electrical speed control Adjustable speed
Closing by hot melt glue Secure gluing system
Quick change over Average format change 5-10 minutes
Integration possible To form complete packaging lines
Special engineering Different configurations possible
Stainless or painted steel construction Suitable for different industries

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Bakery, Beverage, Candy & sweets, Chocolate, Cocoa processing, Coffee industry, Dairy, Fish, Fruits and vegetables, Logistics, Meat, Pharmaceutical, Poultry, Personal care

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