Packaging secondary

Branch of industry
Branch of industry
Box closing machine
Machine to close filled boxes and cartons with a lid.
Box forming machine
Machines for forming of boxes and trays with special sizes and shapes, starting from flat blancs.
Cartoning machine
Machine dedicated for the side loading of  products into pre-glued cartons and closing them.
Case packer
Machine for forming American cases from a blanc and loading them from the side or from the top.
Complete flowpack systems
Complete flowwrapping systems with automatic distribution, product orientation, grouping and infeed systems.
Complete secondary packaging line
Automatic carton forming, loading products by means of  robotic pick and place cells or other systems, incorporating end of line solutions including palletizing.
Lidding machine
The Lidding machine is designed to position and glue cardboard lids onto a tray or display box.
Robotic loading unit
The Robotic Loading Unit is made for the automatic picking of products and placing them into a box.
Sleeving machine
The sleeving machine is designed to place a cardboard sleeve around a single product, a group of products or a tray.
Wrap around machines
The wrap around machine will take a blank from a magazine and wrap irt around a product , group of products or a pack holding products.