Packaging primary

Branch of industry
4-sided seal wrapper CWLS
Four-sided seal wrapping machine to wrap balls, 3D products and flat lollipops,  cookies, biscuits , etc.
Carugil Omnia Bunch wrapper
Omnia series of lollypop wrappers are new and innovative wrapping machines from Carugil. The Omnia machine is the result of many years of experience, research and development.
Chocolate lolly wrapper RL
High output wrapping machine for wrapping chocolate lollies with a flat bottom.
Figure wrapping machine FI
Rasch series FI-14, FI-15 and FI-16 are dedicated wrapping machines for hollow figures (symmetrical & asymmetrical) such as rabbits , sitting rabbits , Santa Clause and similar figures.
TecnoPack FP020E Flowpacker
TecnoPack’s flowpacker FP 020E horizontal electronic packaging machine is TecnoPack’s solution for clients requiring a compact, average featured and easy to use machine which is both robust and reliable as well as being suited to industrial use.
Universal wrapping machine RU
Universal wrapping machine for a wide range of  chocolate and some bakery products
Universal wrapping machine RUN
Universal wrapping machine for a wide range of chocolate products and some bakery products
Wrapping machine RG
Universal wrapping machine for chocolates with flat bottom, bars, eggs, balls, barrels and hollow figures with a speed up to 70 ppm.
Wrapping machine RGE
Wrapping machine for chocolate eggs and balls
Wrapping machine RKS ll
High speed wrapping machine for products with flat bottom.
Wrapping machine RZ
Wrapping machine for small-sized moulded or enrobed chocolate articles with flat bottom