Carugil Omnia Bunch wrapper

Omnia series of lollypop wrappers are new and innovative wrapping machines from Carugil. The Omnia machine is the result of many years of experience, research and development and has been developed while taking into account suggestions and production experiences of Carugil’s worldwide customer base. This new machine provides reliability, flexibility, efficiency, high performance and offers the producer extra features that will bolster his lollypops with added value that makes them stand out in the market place. The machine integrates labellers, inkjet printer, computer vision quality control, integral control and communications, automatic filling device,a self cleaning system to remove any powders in the feeding area, stand-by reelholder, automatic splicer, centering systems and more. The machine can do either a tight seal around the stick or leave a small easy opening lip. The sealing elements use electric resistance heaters with low power consumption.



Single twist bunch wrap for ball shaped lollypops.


Capacity range

Omnia 600 :up to 600 ppm
Omnia 2000 : up to 1500 ppm


Features Benefits
Stainless steel construction
  • Hygienic
  • Easy cleaning
Brushless low inertia servo drive system
  • precise film cuts
  • exact film positioning in high speed operation
Easy remove sealing jaws
  • fast cleaning
Integrated WIFI + SCADA + RFID + Vision control
  • integration in customer’s intranet
  • keeping logs and statistics per operator
  • easy touchscreen functions
  • Detection and rejection of off-centered lolly’s after splicing
  • Remote diagnosis
Ergonomic Design
  • everything visible
  • easy access to machine interior
Electrostatic discharge system
  • eliminating static charge of films
Automatic feeding and filling equipment
  • High efficiency and reduction of investment


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wrapping Lollypops


Candy & sweets

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