Chocolate lolly wrapper RL

High output wrapping machine for wrapping chocolate lollies with a flat bottom. No sealing clip is needed! The lollipops are pushed into a transparent bag formed by the RL machine and sealed around the stick.;Wrapping material : double sided heat sealable foil;  Capacity range: Up to 100 pieces per minute; machine weigh approx. 1300 KG ; Power 4,5 kVA;
Wrapping style: lolly wrap + heat sealing

Product dimensions


Length incl. stick Length w/out stick Width
15 mm 160 mm 65 mm

45 mm




Manual infeed into continuously running chain
  • High speed feeding


Register control head
  • Print control
Closed gear box with centralized lubrication system
  • Low maintenance
Infinitely variable speed regulation with frequency converter
  • Perfect speed control


Automatic stop of the foil feeding
  • No product – no wrap
  • prevent foil jams
Splicing unit
  • Increased efficiency
Control cabinet with SPS
  • Excellent machine control
Product- and cycle counter
  • Output control

Product information

Additional information


wrapping Lollypops




Wilhelm Rasch

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