Box closing machine

The closing machines are designed to close boxes with lids after being filled with the products. The closing machines can be linear for high speed solutions or if boxes have 1-flap lids.
The machines can be angular in case of boxes with 3-flaps lids. These machines have a continuous movement. The boxes can be closed by means of hot melt glue or interlocking system.
The speed is electronically adjustable up to maximum 200 boxes per minute. The format change is quick and easy.

Capacity: Up to 200 boxes per minute.



Features Benefits
Intermittent or continuous motion System Integration
Speed control Adjustable speed
Closing by hot melt glue or hooks Secure closing and creative box designs
Quick change over Average change over time 5-10 minutes
Stainles or painted steel construction Suitable for different industries



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box closing


Bakery, Beverage, Candy & sweets, Chocolate, Cocoa processing, Coffee industry, Dairy, Fish, Fruits and vegetables, Logistics, Meat, Pharmaceutical, Poultry, Personal care

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