Ball forming machine CBF

The continuous ball formers of the CBF range are suitable for the production of cylindrical shaped products like soft candies, fruit pastes, bubble gums  and comparable masses, be it center filled, solid or hollow. These ball formers make a high quality product at great speeds up to 6.500 ppm. The machines are servo motor driven and all production parameters can be set and stored on the operator friendly touch screen. Throughout operation of the machine the rotation and translation speeds of the forming rollers can be controlled. A newly designed sizing and cutting system makes it possible to manufacture pieces with a high filling content up to 20%.  This machine allows the confectioner to make a wide variety of products at low cost to serve the market in a creative manner and achieve a quick pay back time and high Return of Investment. The CBF-8000 double ball former model features 2 forming phases using rollers 1.000 mm long. This machine can run at a speed of 80 meters/min. Thus it could replace up to 6 conventional single ball forming machines , at the same time yielding an even better quality product with higher content of center filling. Complete ball forming lines can be delivered.



CBF 4000

CBF 6000

CBF 8000


40 meters/min

60 meters/min

80 meters/min

Number of rollers


1, 2


Product Ø range

10 – 30 mm

10-30 mm

10-30 mm


3,9 kW

4,2 kW

4,8 kW




Stainless steel execution
  • Easy cleaning
  • Hygienic design
Robust machine frame
  • Reliable
  • Long technical lifespan
1 or 2 sets of rollers (length 1000 mm)
  • High speeds
Servo driven motions
  • High level of process control
Special cutting system with servo driven knife
  • Prevention of leakage
  • Precise cut matching rope speed
Quick change over
  • < 10 minutes for change over

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