Batch Galaxy

Compact multi-purpose high output washing machine, ideal for facilities with little space. Powerful yet simple machine, constructed entirely of stainless steel. The continuous action of the rotary washer provides a “scrubbing like” action. The rotating table ensures the items being cleaned are exposed to the high-pressure hot detergent sprays at various angles. The Batch Galaxy comes in various sizes, capable of taking diverse loads, in accordance with our customers’ requirements. Its cycles include washing, rinsing and drying. This machine is often used for chocolate moulds and utensils in confectionery or bakery plants but also suitable for other food industries.


Capacity range

Depending on the size and shape of the objects to be washed


Features Benefits
Compact machine
  • space saving
  • easy operation
 5.5 kW wash pump
  • High cleaning power
Automatically controlled machine cycles
  • Minimize consumption of energy, water and detergent
Removable panels
  • Total access
Big door
  • Easy to load

Product information

Additional information


washing industrial


Bakery, Chocolate, Dairy, Fish, Meat, Poultry


Newsmith Stainless

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