Bin washer

The bin washers can be used to wash and clean different types of bins on wheels or without wheels. Also they are perfect to wash Pallets and IBC containers. The machines are made to size depending on the measurements and characteristics of your food and waste bins / containers. The machine can be provided with a ramp in case the floor is raised. And otherwise it is also possible to supply a design suitable to be installed in a pit. The bin is rotated by means of a PLC controlled indexing pattern giving endless cyle variability. This way all surfaces on the inside and outside of the bins are sanitized. The machine canĀ  be operated by one person.


Features Benefits
Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rigid
  • Hygenic
High efficiency jetting system
  • Intense cleaning performance
Recirculating bin wash
  • Reduce water consumption
Touch screen controls
  • Parameter selection
  • Data recording and storage
  • Time control of wash and rinse
  • Multiple wash cycle programs
Energy saving design
  • Reduced detergent consumption
  • Lower running cost
  • Less impact on environment
Wash, rinse and dry cycles
  • Excellent cleaning results
Optional equipment
  • Rinse booster tank ( with pump)
  • Steam, gas or electric heating
  • Two door execution
  • Steam extract fan (St. steel)
  • Dispensor for wash & rinse detergent
  • Automatic feeding and discharge of conveyor
  • Automatic bin sanitizer
  • Special rack for lid washing
  • Final fresh water rinse

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washing bins, washing industrial


Bakery, Chocolate, Dairy, Fish, Fruits and vegetables, Meat, Poultry

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