Basket Washer

Basket washing machines that can be delivered to customer specification, providing the client with an affective an versatile washing solution for all types of crates, totes and baskets. This machine range can be delivered for variable outputs ranging from 100-8000 baskets per hour. These  washers can have different filtration options depending on industry and soiling degree. Machine cycles include a prewash, wash, rinse (recyclable) trash rinse and drying cycle. Heating, which is thermostatically controlled can be done using electricity, steam or gas.


Features Benefits
Large rage of outputs
  • form 100 baskets/hr
  • up to 8.000 baskets/hr
Modular construction format
  • versatile
  • can wash all types of baskets
  • customised filtration options
  • single and mulitlane machines
Air knife drying


  • execllent drying capability
Touch screen
  • adjustable parameter control
  • recipe storage
  • can be integrated into extended  systems with automated stacking and destacking
No tools for maintenance
  • Easy access for maintenance


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washing industrial


Chocolate, Dairy, Fish, Fruits and vegetables, Meat, Poultry

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