Ball Forming Line

Carugil Ball forming lines enable to produce solid or center filled cylindrical products. The center filling could be a powder or a semi-fluid liquid. The line could commence from a candy kitchen followed by a kneader, an extruder, a ball forming machine and cooling tunnel, followed for instance by coating pans and flow wrappers for the primary pakaging. Carugil is capable of supplying complete turn key ball forming systems including upstream mixers and cooking equipment. These lines could have a capacity of up to 380.000 products per hour. With the new double line configurations production outputs of up to 1500 Kg/hr can be achieved, using the space and labour occupation for only one single line.


 Features  Benefits
Extruder STR with filling device
  • powder filling
  • semi-liquid filling
  • high precision dosing
Customised mixing screws
  • tuned to customer’s needs
Automatic diemater control
  • consistent product
Ball former is servo motor driven
  • speed & movement control
Pre-flattening device on ball former
  • prevent leakage of liquid filling


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