Batch tempering machine

This batch chocolate tempering unit is used to prepare the chocolate for moulding and coating. It can be supplied with a batch capacity of 40 KG or 100 KG.

Chocolate is fed automatically to the double jacketed tank by means of a feed pump. The machine enables automatic cold water inlet by means of a solenoid valve connected to a digital thermometer. Inside the tank revolving plates are mounted on a motor driven shaft. The plates are housed in separated compartments cooled by circulating chilled water. Chocolate is circulated between the plates and the compartment ensuring efficient temperature transfer. The digital thermometer controls the desired temperature range through its connection with the electrical heating or the solenoid valve for cold water inlet. From the tempering machine, the tempered chocolate is pumped to its consumption point from which unused chocolate can be recycled to the tempering machine. Pumps and piping may form part of the supply. The machine can temper plain chocolate as well as chocolate with inclusions.

Tempering is the process by means of which the cocoa butter crystals in the chocolate are re-established to form stable beta crystals. Generally, the first step in the process is to heat up the chocolate to a temperature of 46 °C as a result of which alll six forms of crystals are melted. Then as a second step the chocolate is cooled down to approximately 27 °C.  At this temperature the chocolate is agitated to create small crystals in the chocolate.  After that, the chocolate is warmed back up to 31 °C , with the effect that only the desired form V crystals are left over in the chocolate mass. The chocolate must now be kept steady on this temperature so that it is ready to be used for moulding or coating ensuring a smooth and glossy chocolate.


Features Benefits
Compact design
  • Small space occupation
Transparent cover
  • Visual inspection while in process
  • Easy access for cleaning
Stirrer with scrapers
  • Keep the chocolate homogene
  • Keep inner tank wall clean
PT-100 probe in middle of the tank
  • Reading the temperature at warmest point

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