Automatic Coating Pan

Automatic coating pan for coating with sugar syrup, sugarless solution, chocolate or fat mass. The coating vessel itself is a horizontal cylinder supported on 4 free running shaft wheels.The pan is driven by a teethed belt all around the external perimeter. During coating the level of product inside is low and spread out wide so that the product dries faster and undergoes less friction and pressure during the coating process. Uniform air distribution along the coating pan ensures even exposure of the product to air and since a nagative pressure is maintained inside, no dust escapes. Inside the coating pan, special nozzles spray the coating solution onto the products. Aroma, colour, capol and powder additives can be applied through additional devices. During the entire coating cycle, no operator is needed. The machine has fast cycle times for example approx 4 hours for a 30% suga shell, including polishing. The polishing cycle takes place automatically after the coating cycle has finished.

Generally these coating pans are delivered turn key and complete including side equipment, depending on the application, such as syrup cookers, dissolvers for sugarless solutions, dust collection and air suction systems, syrup tanks, chocolate tanks, powder distribution systems, automatic loading and unloading systems and CIP systems. The dedicated air handling and drying unit is one important ancillary machine forming part of the total supply.

Capacities available  


lab scale Small medium


Pan capacity


600 1050 2250


Finished product


500 875 1875



Application examples:




Construction AISI304L Stainless steel
  • Solid-Hygenic
Simple design
  • Easy mantenance-Reduced cleaning time-Fast product change
Pan supported on 4 free wheels
  • Smooth and stable pan rotation
Special design spray nozzles
  • Even application of the coating material


  • Dedicated Air handling and drying unit
   – For fast drying of product
– Uniform air distribution
  • Dosing systems for flavours, colours and polish
  • Automatic loading/unloading systems
  • Syrup cookers
  • Dissolving tanks
   – For sugarless coating solutions
  • Syrup & chocolate tanks
  • CIP Systems
  • Scada network
   – Tracking control,  data logging, recipee
storage, registering production parameters

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chocolate coating/enrobing, sugar coating and polishing, sugarless coating


Candy & sweets, Chocolate

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