Wilhelm Rasch Gmbh & Co. KG is a company specialized in the production of machinery for wrapping of fragile chocolate products such as filed pralines and hollow figures.

about Rasch

Wilhelm Rasch Spezialmaschinen- fabrik is a family business located in Hürth, Germany. The company has a tradition in manufacturing high quality tailored packaging solutions for over 60 years. The company’s philosophy is to maintain a long-standing tradition in machine building and combine this with technical innovation. Rasch is specialized in wrapping fragile and sensitive chocolate products such as filled pralines and hollow figures. Machinery can be executed for multi-style wrapping. Rasch manufactures most components and parts in-house as a result of which the company guarantees accurate, durable and reliable quality. A qualified service department supports customers all over the world in close co-operation with an extensive agent’s network. Since 2018 Rasch is a member of the Mohrbach Group.

scope of supply

  • Multi-style chocolate wrapping machines;
  • Automatic feeding systems
  • Chocolate pumps and -valves
  • Tempering machines
  • Reconditioning of pre-owned (Rasch) machines


Company name

Wilhelm Rasch GmbH & Co. KG  Spezialmaschinenfabrik

Company domicile

Köln, Germany

Production location

Hürth, Germany

Year of establishment


Number of employees


Installed base


Sales in million Euro


Export ratio 


Member of a Group



unique selling points

  • Wrapping fragile chocolate products
  • Wrapping large hollow figures
  • Tempering machines for chocolate mass with ingredients
  • Extreme durability of the machinery
  • Relatively low TCO ( Total Cost of Ownership)
Wrapping machine RZ
Wrapping machine for small-sized moulded or enrobed chocolate articles with flat bottom
Universal wrapping machine RUN
Universal wrapping machine for a wide range of chocolate products and some bakery products
Universal wrapping machine RU
Universal wrapping machine for a wide range of  chocolate and some bakery products
Chocolate lolly wrapper RL
High output wrapping machine for wrapping chocolate lollies with a flat bottom.
Wrapping machine RKS ll
High speed wrapping machine for products with flat bottom.
Wrapping machine RGE
Wrapping machine for chocolate eggs and balls
Chocolate tempering machine TR
Tempering Machine for chocolate masses, fat glazes, compound masses and similar fatty products.
Wrapping machine RG
Universal wrapping machine for chocolates with flat bottom, bars, eggs, balls, barrels and hollow figures with a speed up to 70 ppm.
Figure wrapping machine FI
Rasch series FI-14, FI-15 and FI-16 are dedicated wrapping machines for hollow figures (symmetrical & asymmetrical) such as rabbits , sitting rabbits , Santa Clause and similar figures.