Wrapping machine RGE

Wrapping machine for  products such as eggs and balls (hollow or filled) in front folding,  twisted-in string and double-twist wrapping. This chocolate wrapping machine can reach speeds up to 55 pieces per minute. The standard RGE version can handle products with diameter of up to 70 mm. , whereas the type RGE-100 wrap products with a maximum diameter of 100 mm. The Rasch RGE machine can be either manually fed or fitted with an automatic feeding system which could include for instance feeding belts, allignment systems as well as pick & place robotic systems. Customized format parts can be fitted and change-overs are not complicated.


Features Benefits
Infeed table and optional automatic feeding systems


  • Higher efficiency
Register control head
  • print control
Automatic stop of the foil feeding
  • No product – no wrap
  • prevent foil jams

Infinitely variable speed regulation with frequency converter

  • Perfect speed control
Second foil uncoiling device
  • Application of an inner and an outer wrapping material
Closed gear box with centralized lubrication system
  • Low maintenance
Optional splicing unit
  • Automatic reel change
  • higher efficiency
Control cabinet with SPS
  • Excellent machine control


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wrapping chocolate balls, wrapping chocolate eggs



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