Chocolate tempering machine TR

Tempering machine for chocolate masses, fat glazes, compound masses and similar fat products. This horizontal chocolate tempering machine forms the smallest stable fat crystals and disperses them homogenously in the melted mass. The horizontal construction concept allows for relatively large size ingredients to be included in the mass before the tempering starts. One may think of for example whole hazelnuts, chopped or broken nuts, certain dried fruits or small pieces of nougat. This is one of the most important features which distinguishes the Rasch TR range of tempering machines from vertical plate tempering machines.

Features Benefits
Multiple heat exchange zones
(number depending on model)
  • Even low-fat masses can be pre-crystallized  (at least 26% fat content)
  • Independent temperature control per section
Mass hopper plus stirrer
  • Ingredients may be included in the mass prior to tempering
Water heated hopper
  • Ensuring crystal free mass before tempering
Horizontal model with forwarding worm
  • Perfect tempering speed control
  • Especially suitable for mass with for ingredients
Special profile internal tube of food grade bronze alloy
  • High heat transfer conductivity
  • Largest possible cooling water surface contact
Special grade outer tube material


  • No corrosion

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