Universal wrapping machine RU

Universal wrapping machine for a wide range of products, such as products with flat bottom, eggs, balls, barrels, hollow figures, flat bottom chocolate lollies, small bars, truffles, etc,  in diverse wrapping styles. If desired this machine can be equipped with a labeling apparatus.  Capacity range: Up to 120 pieces per minute. Weight approx 1400 kg; Power 3kVA;

Wrapping style: bunch wrap, double twist, labeling, heat sealing , banderole, front folding, front folding with smoothing device, back seam, figure foiling , umbrella heat sealed, figure foiling heat sealed , twisted string, string with adhesive tape, envelope wrap, double or single twist wrap, banderole, etc.


Features (some optional) Benefits
Register control head
  • Full control of machine functions
Closed gear box with centralized lubrication system and constant oil filtering
  • Prevention of oil contamination
  • low maintenance
Infinitely variable speed regulation with frequency converter
  • Perfect speed control
Discharge transport
  • Controlled product discharge
Feeding belt and automatic feeding systems
  • Higher efficiency
Photo cell spot control
  • Print positioning control
Piece and tact counter
  • Accurate measurement of product
Format parts , infeed, folding parts and discharge parts easily accessible
  • Quick change-over
  • Easy maintenance
Automatic stop of the foil feeding
  • No product – no wrap
  • Prevent foil jams
Second foil uncoiling device
  • Application of an inner and outer wrapping material
Splicing unit
  • Automatic reel change for higher efficiency
Control cabinet with SPS
  • Excellent central machine control


Packing material dimensions


Cut off length Reel Ø

Core Ø

40-100 mm 40-100 mm 250 mm

35-78 mm



Product information

Additional information


wrapping chocolate balls, wrapping chocolate eggs, wrapping chocolates, wrapping double twist, wrapping flat bottom products, wrapping hollow figures, wrapping Lollypops, wrapping pralines


Bakery, Chocolate

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