Newsmith Stainless

Newsmith Stainless is a leading manufacturer of washing, drying and handling equipment for a wide range of industries.

about Newsmith Stainless

Newsmith Stainless are one of the world’s leading manufacturers of washing, drying and handling equipment for a wide range of industries. With over 50 years of experience, Newsmith provide a complete package from design to manufacture to installation and after-sales support. The company’s success has been built on a commitment to quality, competitive pricing and versatility in meeting customers’ needs. The establishment of fully-owned subsidiary Newsmith sales offices in France, Germany and the U.S.A. has been followed by development into markets throughout Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Newsmith constantly increases its range of product lines and has a policy of innovation following industry-specific research. Newsmith’s customers range from large multi-national organizations to smaller enterprises. Its client portfolio includes blue-chip names and major players within national and international industries.

scope of supply

  • Washing equipment
  • Handling equipment
  • Conveying systems
  • Detergents


Company name Newsmith Stainless Ltd.
Company Domicile Liversedge, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Production location Liversedge, West Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Year of establishment 1969
Number of employees  50
Installed base Over 4000 machines of which some 500 in the USA
Newsnith Systems are washing 100 million crates per week!
Sales volume in Mln. Euro  10
Export ratio  70%
Member of a group No

unique selling points

  • Washing chocolate moulds
  • Drying capacity of the washing machines
  • Durability
  • Automation
  • over 50 years of experience
Basket handling systems
Basket and crate handling system as per customer requirement.
Crate washer
Crate washing machine up to 8000 crates/hour,  generally built to customer specification.
Rack washer
Flexible rack washing machine for racks, large vessels and trolleys.
Bin washer
Wasshing machine for bins on wheels or without wheels, Pallets and IBC containers.
Chocolate Mould and Plaque washers
Washing machine in single or in multi lane execution for chocolate moulds, chocolate plaques and plastic trays.
Basket Washer
Versatile machine to wash baskets, totes and crates with outputs from 100-8000 baskets/hour,  made to customer specification.
Batch Galaxy
Powerful yet simple compact and versatile multi-purpose high output washing machine, ideal for facilities with little space, constructed entirely of stainless steel.
Pallet Washer
A fully automatic conveyorised washing machine for single pallets or as complete system to fully automatically wash pallets with a capcity range of up to 100 pallets per hour.