Pallet Washer

The Newsmith range of pallet washers include machines to handle single pallets at a time with a simple wash and rinse, as well as fully automatic pallet washing systems. The latter are capable of automatically destacking, washing, drying and restacking considerable quantities of pallets per hour. Machines can optionally be executed as fully automatic conveyorised pallet washer offering a progression from dirty to clean. Quick release jet pipes for easy cleaning. Options of heating systems, powered infeed and discharge conveyors to assist handling.


Features Benefits
Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rigid
  • Hygenic
Thermostatic temperature control
  • Control of tank temperatures
Easily removable jet pipes
  • No tools needed
  • easy inspection and cleaning
Optional air knife drying
  • extra dry pallets
Wash, rinse and dry cycles
  • Excellent cleaning results
Sloping tanks bottoms
  • Tank hygiene
  • Air knife drying
  • Steam, gas or electric heating
  • Booster tank for rinsing
  • PLC/HMI control
  • Water treatment
  • Manual pushing trhough
  • Conveyorized


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washing industrial, washing pallets


Bakery, Candy & sweets, Dairy, Fruits and vegetables, Meat, Poultry

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