Rack washer

This flexible rack washer can handle racks, large vessles and trolleys with ultimate cleaning result. It can be executed with door widths and cabinet sizes according to the customers specific requirements. Also the washing area is customizable. This efficient machine is suitable to be operated by one person. The machine can be equipped with a ramp when placed on a higher floor level. Also it can be executed for mounting in a pit.

Features Benefits
Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rigid
  • Hygenic
Rotary spray jets
  • Intense washing power
Recirculating bin wash
  • Reduce water consumption
Touch screen controls
  • Parameter selection
  • Data recording and storage
  • Time control of wash and rinse
  • Multiple wash cycle programs
Energy saving design
  • Reduced detergent consumption
  • Lower running cost
  • Less impact on environment
Wash, rinse and dry cycles
  • Excellent cleaning results
  • Auto heating rinse tank
  • Rinse booster pump
  • Steam extract fan
  • Two door pass through design
  • Steam, electric or gas heating

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Bakery, Fish, Fruits and vegetables, Meat, Poultry


washing bowls, washing buckets, washing cheese moulds, washing racks, washing trolleys, washing weighing heads

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