Chocolate Mould and Plaque washers

The Newsmith Chocolate Mould and Plaque washers can be built both in single and in multi lane execution. They are used not only for the washing of chocolate moulds and plaques, but also for different plastic trays.
They are generally more compact than other similar purpose machines in the market, mostly staying under 4 meters in length..These are special purpose machines built to customer requirement. Multiple cycle options include for instance pre-wash, wash, multiple rinsing and drying.


Features Benefits
Stainless Steel Construction
  • Rigid
  • Hygenic
Ventilated loading & work station
  • Operator friendly
Touch screen controls
  • Soft start
  • Parameter selection
  • Data recording and storage
  • Printing & remote download
Energy saving design
  • Reduced detergent consumption
  • Lower running cost
  • Less impact on environment
Full drying option
  • Extra dry objects
Wash, rinse and dry cycles
  • Excellent cleaning results
Optional equipment
  • Steam, gas, electric or hot water heating


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