Knobel was established in 1977 and took off manufacturing machines for the pharmaceutical industry. In 1982 they launched their first chocolate depositor. This marked the start of an impressive development leading to a high-end range of computer controlled chocolate moulding lines and 3D capable depositing technology.

about Knobel

Knobel stands for innovation, flexibility and modularity. In their well equipped 3.500 m2 plant Knobel maintains an ultra-modern machinepark using computer integrated manufacturing technology to produce the strongest stainless steel machine frames and the most accurate depositors available in the market today. Knobel holds international patents for their cold-press technology and innovative spiral cooling concept. The company is famous for their gearless servo controlled depositors and for the application of their ‘Hiflex’ robotic pick & place technology in scraping, demoulding, etc. The modular concept allows for building a complete line in steps, to upgrade capacities or to change product ranges by adding the needed machinery into the open architecture of the Knobel network-linked systems. Moulds travel loose and free of any chain from one to the next production stage. Cooling takes place in the compact and patented spirals free from attachment. The de-moulding also handles the moulds independently. This allows for the use of  different mould materials (polycarbonate moulds, vacuum formed blisters, frames) in one line.The mould detection system reads the identification codes and initiates product specific actions in each step of the process. Knobel is a reliable supplier to the chocolatier that wants to have a leading edge in production technology. 

scope of supply

  • Chocolate- and filling depositors
  • One-shot or Cold-press technology
  • Chocolate moulding lines
  • Cooling tunnels
  • Decoration lines with 3D depositing technology
  • Free-dressing


Company name Knobel Maschinenbau AG
Company Domicile Felben, Switzerland
Production location Felben, Switzerland
Year of establishment 1977
Number of employees 50
Installed base 1600 +
Sales volume in Mln. Euro 5-10
Export ratio  90%
Member of a group No

unique selling points

  • Modular designed lines
  • Highest possible accuracy
  • Robotic applications
  • Cold-press technology
Cold press chocolate moulding plant
Precise chocolate shell production line for pralines, bars, figures, or even open shells with any style of decoration.
One-shot moulding line
Complete one-shot chocolate moulding line to produce filled chocolate articles.
Chocolate depositor KCM Eta/Theta
Cantilever design industrial chocolate depositor can be easily retrofitted onto existing moulding lines and is suitable for producing solid chocolate articles, one shot products and decoration work.
Chocolate depositer KCM Beta
Industrial chocolate depositor with 3-axis motion depositor for producing  solid product and solid with ingredients. This depositor is particularly suitable to be retrofitted to exiting lines, also from third party manufacturers.
Chocolate depositor KCM Alpha
Chocolate depositing machine for the production of one shot chocolates and free dressing applications in demanding industrial conditions.
Chocolate depositor KCM Alpha Compact
Perfect chcolate depositor for small and medium scale production of solid or filled pralines.