Cold press chocolate moulding plant

The Knobel Cold Press System was the first patented cold press system in the world, later copied by other firms and marketed as frozen cone technology. The cold press system allows to product uniform and consistent thin chocolate shells that form the base of every high quality product. The shell thickness can be precisely controlled and starts from 0,5 mm. One of the most important advantages of the patented Cold Press tools is the maintenance free and interruptionless production. No matter what shape the product, this technology prevents moving parts onto the dies and therefore Knobel can grant an absolutely perfect shell with a precise volume. The international patented Coldpress tools feature a copper die witrh a hard anodised silver coating that works in a dew point controlled dry environment. The tool temperature at prtessing is about +2 degrees Celcius line speeds up to 24 moulds per minute even with assorted products and a variety of different chocolates. This technology can be applied to produce for instance pralines with nuts, cherry bonbons, hollow figures, pralies with open shell, chocolate tablets, etc.




  Features  Benefits
Patented ColdPress system
  • consistent and uniform shells
  • thin shells (from 0,5 mm)
  • reduction of chocolate consumption
  • high quality end product
 dew point controlled
  • dry production environment
 Co-operates with KCM depositors
  • highly accurate
  • easy cleaning
  • low maintenance
 Modular line concept
  • flexible
  • variety of products


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