Branch of industry
Chocolate depositer KCM Beta
Industrial chocolate depositor with 3-axis motion depositor for producing  solid product and solid with ingredients. This depositor is particularly suitable to be retrofitted to exiting lines, also from third party manufacturers.
Chocolate depositor KCM Eta/Theta
Cantilever design industrial chocolate depositor can be easily retrofitted onto existing moulding lines and is suitable for producing solid chocolate articles, one shot products and decoration work.
Cold press chocolate moulding plant
Precise chocolate shell production line for pralines, bars, figures, or even open shells with any style of decoration.
Cooling Tunnel
Cooling tunnel for the cooling of products enrobed with chocolate, compound or fat mass
One-shot moulding line
Complete one-shot chocolate moulding line to produce filled chocolate articles.
Smart tempermeter
Compact and efficient tempermeter to measure the crystallization of chocolate .