One-shot moulding line

Knobel one-shot moulding lines are modular chocolate moulding systems that grow with your needs. The modular concept allows the producer to increase capacity step by step by adding new componets within the range of the four standards:
KCM 275, using moulds sized  275  x 175/205 mm
KCM 380, using moulds sized  380 x 295 mm
KCM 500, using moulds sized  450 x 425 mm
KCM 650, using moulds sized  650 x 500 mm

As a first step one can use a KCM Alpha Compact with vibration table and cooling spiral.

As a second step a conveyor system with mould preheating can be added.

And as a third step  automatic demoulding and mould exchange system can be added.

The depositors used in these lines are all capble of producing filled products with one shot (Chocolate + Filling).Using the suitable tooling you may even produce double filled products in so called triple-shot.



 Features  Benefits
patented turning piston system
  • easy disassembly
  • easy cleaning and fast change-over
  • high depositing accuracy
 servo driven
  • high accuracy
canti-lever design
  • easy cleaning
  • good access
 chainless transport
  • variety of moulds possible
mould detection system
  • product specific actions in each production stage
modular design
  • flexibility


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