Chocolate depositer KCM Beta

Due to its cantilever design the one-row model Beta is used frequently as a retrofit depositor in existing industrial chocolate moulding lines.  It was designed specially to be placed over existing transport belts or to be integrated in third party production lines. This gives the customer an attractive option for easy replacement of worn out units depositors. This machine is suitable for the depositing of solid products as well as for decoration applications. The advantage compared to two-rows models like Eta / Theta is its slim body design, as a result of which this Beta machine can be installed in places with limited space. The Beta models are equipped with the latest servo technology, and the cantilever design allows for easy handling, cleaning and a quick change-over for other products. Due to the unique turning piston system a very precise volume can be achieved.

With the optional Nut-execution, the Beta can also be used for depositing of whole nuts and other inclusions. The nuts, raisins, rice dry fruits or other inclusions will be fed into the KCM hopper in the desired mix. The programmable horizontal stirring  system inside the hopper will keep ensure the ingredients well distributed in the mix. Different inclusions can be mixed at the same time.



All Beta models can be equipped with 3-axis motion (CAD), this allows to move the depositing head in all directions.

 Features  Benefits
Fully electro driven
  • accurate
  • fast
  • reliable
 Designed for line integration
  • suitable for retrofits
  • part of modular Knobel systems
  • enables using existing production equipment
 Patented turning piston system
  • easy cleaning
  • fast change-over
  • superb depositing accuracy
Built for varied action radius
  • Free dressing possibilities
  • Production of layered products


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