Cooling Tunnel

Cooling Tunnel with 2 or 4 different cooling zones with independent controls of cooling water and cooling air. The special design tunnel transfers temperature to the product by means of convection and conduction and ensures maximum cooling with low energy consumption.

The cooling is done by means of air at a controlled temperature and constant velocity/flow. Each cooling zone has a cooling group composed of a heat exchanger that transfers the temperature from cooling water to cooling air, a high efficiciency centrifugal ventilator to create the required air flow and an air filter with G4 efficiency. The air temperature is controlled by a temperature probe which steers the 3 way modulating valves in the cooling water system. Bottom cooling is achived through cold water re-circulation through cold slabs mounted in the surface of the belt transport system. An airdryer can be supplied for the injection into the tunnel of dry air in order to control the humidity inside the tunnel.

Sandwhich type covers are built in stainless steel, injected with high density polyurethane insulation. The covers can be easily lifted on both sides of the cooling tunnel with the aid of gas cylinders. The conveyor belt is food grade polyurethane and anti-static. The sliding urface of the belt is made out of stainless steel. The cooling tunnel has automatic tracking devices located at the inlet and outlet of the cooling tunnel, with laser sensors and pneumatic cyinders. This allows for adequate control of the belt tension and prevents slippage.

The length of the cooling tunnel is calculated and adusted according to the customer’s process.

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Features Benefits
2-4 cooling zones
  • Independent Zone Temperature Control
Polyurethane conveyor belt
  • Food grade
  • Anti-static
SEW drive motor with frequency inverter
  • Belt speed adjustment
Automatic belt tracking and tensioning
  • Constant tension of conveyor belt
  • Slippage prevention
AISI304 Stainless steel construction
  • Hygienic
  • Easy cleaning
Different widths
  • From 350 – 1500 mm
  • Dry air injection
External air dryer, injecting dry air into the cooling tunnel.
  • Bottom cooling cold slabs
To allow for bottom cooling, installed underneath the belt cooled by either water or glycol
  • Water chiller
In the absemce of a factory cold water supply line, an external chiller can be installed, working with water or glycol
  • Electrical air heater
Installed at the belts returm point in order to reduce the humidity of the cooled air by re-heating it
  • Automatic belt washing trolly
Installed at the belt’s return point, to wahs and dry the belt. Its frame on castors, so it ca be easily removed. With drying scrapers, hot water hopper, motorized brushes and pneumatic cylinders lifting the trolley into washing position and lowering it for removal



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Bakery, Candy & sweets, Chocolate

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