Smart tempermeter

This high technology TEMPERMETER measures the crystallisation of chocolate and calculates automatically the four characteristics of the inflexion point: slope, temperature, time and RSI (index from 1 to 10). It is comparable with most other machines on the market in terms of the temperature probe PT100, the type of cups, the cold bloc and index calculation. Its table cold bloc guarantees and high repeatability and the index curve is directly visible on the screen. Traceability, control of production, continuous improvement and quality control are the important advantages of this tempermeter.



 Features  Benefits
Table cold bloc
  • Accurate measurement
  • High repeatability
Pre-heated temperature probe
  • Measurement according to chocolate temperature
LCD colour screen with embedded printer
  • Curve immediately visible
  • Immediate printing of the curve
  • Specification on a ticket
Use of aluminium cups
  • Improved thermal performance
  • Only 5,5 KG
  • One connection
  • Easily transportable

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chocolate crystallization measurement


Bakery, Chocolate

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