KCM Omega chocolate depositor

KCM 9/18 Omega is the ultimate tool for the artesan production of one-shot filled products. It contains a fully electro servo driven depositor with patented turning piston system. The slim body fits into the smallest corner and is placed on castors so that it can be moved around. An intgrated safety coverage allows full access to the hoppers during production. The depositor has a 35 mm cylinder liner with a choice of 3 different piston diameters available 10/20/25 mm. The stroke length of the pistons is 32 mm. The machine allows for optimal throughputs for product with inclusions. It has individual piston activation with patented coupling system. The side rails are adjustable from 380 to 275 mm. This allows you to standard moulds, vacuum formed moulds and plates!


 Features  Benefits
Machine on castors
  • easy moving around
Turning piston system
  • highest accuracy
Cantilevered piston block
  • easy acces
  • easy cleaning
Nozzle plate attachment with central lock system
  • Fast nozzle plate change-over



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