Chocolate depositor KCM Alpha

Knobel KCM Alpha series are a new generation depositors.The machines are made in heavy duty execution and suitable for 3 shift operation. Any machine configuration is availabel from 12 to 144 pistons. Standard cylinderliners 21, 30/2, 35 and 45 mm may be used with pistons available in 6,8,10,17,25,30 and 45 mm. Stroke length: 52 mm. This machine can also be delivered in CAD execution with linear servo technology on X- and Y -axis.
Z-axis: 150 mm
X-axis: 300 mm (optional)
Y-axis: 150 mm (optional).

The KCM Alpha series can be placed directly on an enrobing line and hen not in use for dressed products, the macine can be pulled out and be used for one shot products.


 Features  Benefits
Heavy duty execution
  • durable
  • strong
  • suitable for 3 shift operation
Fully electro servo droven
  • accurate
  • fast
Cantilever design
  • easy handling
  • easy cleaning


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