Chocolate depositor KCM Alpha Compact

Knobel’s KCM series chocolate moulding machines are the perfect tool for artisan production. The machine comes in a number of versions such as the KCM 9,12, 9/18, and 12/24. All these machines are using the same 35 MM standard cylinder liners with pistons available in 6,8,10,17,25 and 30 mm as well as the KCM 24/48, using the 18 mm piston. The stroke length is 52 mm. The Z-axys is 100 mm. All Knobel systems allow for easy operation, easy cleaning and quick changeover. NO shaft must be pulled out nor any heads must be replaced, just simply take out piston block after piston block.


 Features  Benefits
 Electrical Servo-driven
  • perfect motion control
  • accurate
 Cantilever design
  • Easy handling
  • Easy cleaning
  • Easy access

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