Carugil S.L.

Carugil began its activity in 1961 as a producer if packaging machinery, moving afterwards to the confectionery field, which has been her main business since 1970. Nowadays, Carugil is a worldwide leading manufacturer for the confectionery sector.

about Carugil S.L.

A close cooperation and communication with clients worldwide is the base of the company’s philosophy. This interaction enables Carugil to gain knowledge of the actual production problems clients are facing and, by focusing on their experience and suggestions, improve on the production- and wrapping processes. From their policy to offer integral solutions,, Carugil specialises in the design- and manufacturing of complete production lines. Carugil equipment has been installed in more than 40 countries. Large and demanding companies have placed their trust in the firm. Carugil has always been focused on the automation of her machines using state of the art components. Thanks to the use of the latest electronic components (servomotors, integrated controls, etc.), Carugil’s machines stand out for their mechanic simplicity, high reliability and efficiency.

scope of supply

  • Mixers
  • Extruders
  • Ball forming machines and lines
  • Ball Lollipop formers and coolers
  • ball Lollipop wrappers
  • Cut and wrap machines
  • Flowwrappers
  • 4-sided seal wrappers
  • Sugar sanding machines
  • Coating pans


Company name Carugil, S.L.
Company Domicile Murcia, Spain
Production location Murcia, Spain
Year of establishment 1961
Start production of confectionery machines 1970
Installed base 1000 +
Sales volume in Mln. Euro 20-30
Export ratio 85%
Member of a group Yes

unique selling points

  • complete lines for ball forming
  • complete lines for ball lollipops
  • Cut&wrap lines
Coating pan
Coating pans with 50 or 100 liters capacity for either coating or polishing.
Ball Forming Line
Ball forming lines to produce solid or center filled cylindrical products wit an output of up to 380.000 pieces/hour.
Sigma Blade Mixer
Double arm Sigma Mixer for intensive kneading of high viscosity masses.
4-sided seal wrapper CWLS
Four-sided seal wrapping machine to wrap balls, 3D products and flat lollipops,  cookies, biscuits , etc.
Bunch wrapper CWLB 600-800
High speed bunch wrapping machine for ball shaped lollypops with speed up 800 ppm.
Extruder CSTR
Twin screw extruder for the production of fruit pastes, soft candies, toffees, cereal and protein bars, chewing gums and bubble gums.
Cooling Tunnel CTM
Cooling Tunnel for cooling ball and cylindrical pieces, solid, hollow and filled.
Ball forming machine CBF
Continuous ball formers for the production of cylindrical shaped products like soft candies, fruit pastes, bubble gums  and comparable masses.
Carugil Omnia Bunch wrapper
Omnia series of lollypop wrappers are new and innovative wrapping machines from Carugil. The Omnia machine is the result of many years of experience, research and development.