Extruder CSTR

Counter rotating twin screw extruders for the production by means of extrusion of products like fruit pastes, soft candies, toffees, cereal and protein bars, chewing gums and bubble gums. This range of extruders are particularly suitable for producing products with a centre filling.Under high pressure the mass is constantly extruded in an even flow. It is possible to connect filling devices for powders, granultaes, semi-liquids or granulates to the extrusion head in order to make dedicated center filled products. If 2 or multiple extruders are combined, co-extruded products can be made. Because of a broad range of extruding heads and special nozzles, many combinations of shapes, flavours and colours can be made.


Features Benefits
Rugged design and construction
  • Long life
  • safe operation
Stainless steel for product contact areas
  • Food safety
  • Hygiene
2-screw infeed and counter rotating screws
  • Stable infeed
  • constant product flow
Double jacketed extrusion head with electronix temperature control
  • Even temperature and control
Variable speed drive
  • Accurate process & speed control
  • Multiple extruder combinations

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