Lloveras Cooling Tunnel

The Lloveras Cooling tunnel is made of a strong machine frame. The covers are clad with a decor-plate steel plate with pvc laminated surface and polyurethane isolation, with the advantage of being light weight. The length of the cooling tunnel is flexible and is composed of putting together standard sized sections. Each section’s cover can be completely opened for inspection and cleaning. The air circulation inside the tunnel is longitudinal and the unit incorporates all channeling necessary to allow for optimal air flow along the tunnel and uniform temperature distribution. The cooling tunnel is prepared to work with cold airflow either in convection (direct cooling) or in radiation (indirect cooling). Evaporator and turbines are located at the lower part of the tunnel. Compressor and condenser are delivered as independent units to be located as per the customer’s preference. It is recommended that the cooling tunnel is installed in an air conditioned area where the temp. is 20-22 °C and the maximum humidity is 55%.



Cooling of chocolate or compound enrobed product


Capacity range

The capacity is determined by the length of the Cooling Tunnel


Features Benefits
PVC laminated Stainless steel cladding
  • Hygienic design
  • Easy to inspect and to clean
PU isolation
  • lower energy consumption
Convection or Radiation cooling
  • Excellent airflow control
  • Superb cooling capabilities
Auto-centering belt system
  • reliable belt movement
  • Less belt pollution
Independent belt and mesh speed variation
  • good process control
PLC plus LCD
  • operator friendly

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Candy & sweets, Chocolate




Martin Lloveras

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