Lloveras Sire enrobing line

The Lloveras Sire-N(N) enrobers offered full and partial coating lines. They come in six mesh widths ranging from 400 to 12000 MM and offer a large range of enrobing possibilities.Sire-N enrobers can enrobe any kind of product, from confectionery products to wafers, biscuits, or other bakery products. The lines can be customised by addng optional components such as pre-bottomers, double enrobing heads, nut sprinklers and string decorators. The line’s cooling tunnels can be set to cool products by convection and/or radiation as required by the product in question and one or more independent cooling units may be added. All functions are controlled by means of a comprehensive control panel. New motorised components have been incorporated into all mechanisms requiring motion control with an eye towards achieving standardisation and ease of replacement. The use of linear and rotating actuators eliminates the need to supply compressed air.


Coating of confectionery and bakery products with chocolate or compound followed by nut depositing, string decoration and cooling.


Capacity range

Widths of 400, 500,600 800 and 12000 MM
Capacities depend on product, coating layer thickness, type of coating material and required cooling times.


Features Benefits
Cantylever design
  • Easy access for maintenance
  • Easy cleaning
All stainless steel execution with FDA approved materials
  • Compact all-in-one concept
Detachable lower tank and conveyor
  • Prevent floor pollution
  • Easy changing to another type of chocolate
  • Flushable lower module ( chocolate bassin)
Built-in control panel
  • Full process control
  • Operator friendly
Electrically titable mesh table
  • good ergonomics
Use of linear and rotational actuators
  • High level of customisation

Product information

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chocolate coating/enrobing


Bakery, Chocolate

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