Chocolate pump BCH

The Lloveras BCH chocolate pumps are ideal for the transfer of chocolate, compounds, creams and similar type of masses in uniform flows without altering intrinsic temperature and viscosity values. This gear pump consists of a double jacketed body, prepared to be connected to a heating water circuit.  The mass is transported by means of a speed motor reducer, its force being transferred via a mechanic coupling to the pump body. The internal gears pump the mass through. Multi-speed pumps, both mechanical and electronic, enable pumping of products such as cocoa liquor and butter, liquid fats and other masses with relatively high fat contents. The Lloveras BCH type pump is provided with corresponding inlet and outlet flanges and joints facilitating installation. Spare parts for these pumps are available as well.

Types (availability to be confirmed upon request)



BCH- 70


0,55 – 0,75

1,1 – 1,5 – 2,2

3 – 4 – 5,5 – 11


 120   ~    200  ~    250 120   ~    200  ~   250   155  ~   205 ~     255


  870  ~  1140  ~  1800 2400 ~  4000 ~  5000 7500  ~ 9900 ~ 12300




Isolated motor
  • No product contamination
High quality bearings and seals
  • Prevent external leaks
Lateral positioning of product inlet and outlet
  •  No alteration of the mass’s physical characteristics
Double jacketed pump body
  • excellent temperature control
  • constant uniform flow


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