Tempering Machine LLoveras AAV type

This continuous tempering machine, available with capacities from 250 to 1000 kg/hr  is based on the proven and well known Martin Lloveras AAV series tempering machine. The LLoveras AAV tempering machines offer excellent tempering results and prepares your chocolate for smooth and spotless moulding and coating. The heart of this tempering machine is the water circulation and plate system. Other elements of the machine are:
The water jacket:
The water for cooling or heating is pumped through the jacket at a pressure of about 2-4 bar. The steel water jackets are welded precisely to an equal wall thickness of about 10 mm. The entire surface is subjected to water flow. Key words are high speed, rotation, no obstructions and no turbulence.
The AAV Scraper

The scraper has major influence on the efficiency of the tempering process. The scrapper in the Lloveras AAV type tempering machine separates the chamber in two halves. The underside is cold and the topside is heated.  This design ensures that cold and hot crystals do not mix.
The chocolate transfer pipe system
This system is completely double jacketed. Water is heated by means of an electrical resistance and continuously pumped by means of a water pump throughout the pipes length, while a thermostat controls the temperature. Chocolate not consumed by the moulding plant or enrober is returned by an independent set of pipes back to the pre-cooling tank (optional supply) with its own heating and temperature control section in order to create a de-tempering zone, where crystallisation is destroyed. This return chocolate will then be mixed in the tank with new chocolate coming from the processing section.

Tempering is the process by means of which the cocoa butter crystals in the chocolate are re-established to form stable beta crystals. Generally, the first step in the process is to heat up the chocolate to a temperature of 46 °C as a result of which alll six forms of crystals are melted. Then as a second step the chocolate is cooled down to approximately 27 °C.  At this temperature the chocolate is agitated to create small crystals in the chocolate.  After that, the chocolate is warmed back up to 31 °C , with the effect that only the desired form V crystals are left over in the chocolate mass. The chocolate must now be kept steady on this temperature so that it is ready to be used for moulding or coating ensuring a smooth and glossy chocolate.


Features Benefits
Sraper blades on all inner surfaces of water jackets
  • Preventing flow obstruction
  • scraper blades assist forward chocolate flow
High velocity rotating water flow
  • Efficient cooling effect
Copper tubing and brass fittings
  • High quality properties
Stainless steel cladding, tanks, control panel
  • Hygienic
  • Easy cleaning
  • Future capacity upgrade
  • Piping sets
  • Pump
  • Decrystallizer
  • Return tank


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