Melting and mixing tank set

Compact tank set for melting, mixing, storing or buffering chocolate, compound, fat masses and creams. This is a custom built installation made to the customer’s specifications and needs. Generally, this installation comprises several tanks for the mixing, controlled melting and storage or buffering of masses, including an (optional) automatic CIP system, intermediate pumps and piping, plus dosed discharge to the consumption point. Tanks are of a vertical design and are excecuted with triple jacket: product zone, heating medium circulation and thermal insulation. They furthermore include an automatic heating media generation system with centrifugal pump, electrical heater, temperature probe and control elements.




Features Benefits
Completely in Stainless Steel AISI304L
  • Hygiene
  • Easy cleaning
On load cells
  • Recipee and dosage controle control
2 mixers
  • Fast dissolution.
  • Homogene mass.
  • HMI controlled rotation speed
Food grade wall scrapers with oil leak detection
  • Avoid gear box oil entering tank
Pumps and piping integrated
  • Plug and play set on skid
  • Temperature control
  • Prevent mass crystallziation
PLC / HMI controlled
  • Precise parameter control
  • Recipee storage
  • Setting of mass levels and flows
Access platform
  • Access to high tank doors
CIP System
  • Automated cleaning process.
  • Less downtime.
AISI 316L execution
  • Recommended in case CIP is using aggressive agents
Automatic loading system
  • Higher efficiency
  • Better product consistency


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buffering, melting, mixing, storage


Bakery, Chocolate, Dairy

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