Underband depositing system

The universal overhead drive system can be mounted between the baking and return surfaces, a baking pan conveyor or on an travelling steel oven band as generally used for Jaffa cakes. Also it could be built new with its own integrated depositing conveyor. The underband drive system has been essentially constructed to accommodate our range of volumetric depositing manifiolds but can be also equipped with different types of manifolds, for pressurized depositing of plain or combination products or wire cut marshmallows.




 Features  Benefits
Stainless steel cladding and support system
  • light weight
  • strong
  • easy cleaning
Local touch screen HMI wit remote electrical panel
  • parameter storage
  • process control
  • easy operation
  • Integrated depositing conveyor
  • biscuit dispensing and alligning unit


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depositing pressurized, depositing side by side, depositing wire cut



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