Storage/ buffer tank

AR-tanks are executed with a double jacket and equipped in accordance with the application. For instance there is type ARFO used for melting, type ARA used for storage and ARX used for tempering and conching. Generally the AR tanks have a double jacket with water distributed all around the tank in an efficient circuit obtaining a perfect heating distribution. The tanks are built with a planetary stirrer to avoid lump forming in the mass and give it more homogeneity and plasticity. The heating system consists of electrical heaters submerged in the double jacket controlled by thermostat. Fully automatic temperature control can be supplied optionally for a better tempering job. The tank is delivered with moto-reducer, thermometer for contents and pump for the water circulation placed at the bottom of the machine. The conching accelerator applied in the ARX version is located on top of the tank. It takes the chocolate from the same pump, which empties the tank recirculating it through the pump to the top of the tank. Once the pipeline reaches the top its exit it is narrowed into a fish tail ending, therefore creating a very thin film of chocolate. Hot air is blown directly through that film of chocolate thus evaporating humidity, volatile acids and conching the chocolate mass. The recirculation through that device can be prolonged as required. capacity range from 250 to 7.000 kg.


 Features  Benefits
Double jacketed tank
  • Excellent tempering qualities
Stirrer with planetary movement
  • Homogenous mass conditioning
Including moto-reducer, thermometer and water circulation pump
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • complete
  • good process control
Optional conching accelerator
  • increased product quality
  • better homogenisation
  • better taste
Optional stainless steel execution
  • Hygienic execution

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buffering, storage


Bakery, Chocolate


Martin Lloveras

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