Volumetric depositing manifold

The volumetric Depositing Manifold is applied in a closed system, meaning without hopper, as a result of which perfect control of the deposit volume can be achieved. This type of manifold can be fitted to an overhead or underband manifold drive system which can be installed over/under industrial scale existing processing lines, steel oven bands or tray conveyors. Otherwise it can also be mounted onto a smaller OCD  drive system for smaller outputs.

Applications (examples)





Servo driven non metallic pistons combined
with stainless steel cylinders
  • High depositing accuracy
Internal water circuit
  • Perfect temperature control
Stainless steel rotary valves
  • Hygienic
  • Easy cleaning
  • No balancing required
HMI fitted on the (additional) manifold drive system
  • Control of deposit weight
  • Control of speed
  • Cleaning attachment for CIP
  • Plain or multi peak nozzles
  • Tittanium main body


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depositing pressurized, depositing volumetric


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