Universal refiner conche

The Universal machine is a well-proven piece of equipment that has been manufactured for over  approximately 40 years by the Lloveras company.  In co-operation with former Lloveras sub suppliers Cormac Industrial can still supply this type of machine as well as parts for it. This machine combines the functions of some 5 different machines into one compact machine, think of a a sugar mill,  a Cocoa mill, a Mixer, a Refiner and a conche.  The UNIVERSAL is the ideal machine to manufacture: classic high quality chocolate compounds, nut spreads, chocolate fillings, pralines and it is also an excellent machine for processing scrap and re-work.  It has the additional advantage of being able to process low fat recipes, in fact as low as 26% total fat content. The machine can be loaded either automatically or manually and once in operation it can operate without any supervision. The processing times depend upon the recipe, the initial fineness and the end fineness required. For example the reprocessing of scrap may take only one or two hours whereas a very smooth real chocolate may take 24 hours. It is possible to use crystal sugar or powder sugar in the recipe, the latter causing lower processing times. The grinding action is achieved by pressing hardened steel blades against the grooved lining of the machine.  The pressure is fully adjustable and once the end fineness has been achieved the pressure can be released for final conching if necessary. The Lloveras refiner conche has a huge installed base world wide because of it’s relatively low investment cost in comparison to the classical chocolate processing set-ups using separate mixers, roll refiners, conches , etc.  It can be delivered in different executions with batch sizes of
20, 60, 200, 500, 1000, 1500 and 3000 KG.


Features Benefits
  • Reduced foot print
Easy operation
  • No special skilled staff needed
Easy change of parts
  • Blades, wall linings and other parts can be exchanged by customer’s own maintenance people.
PLC controlled with touch screen
  • Parameter selection
  • Recipe storage
  • Easy change of machine settings


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Bakery, Chocolate


chocolate production, compound production, fillings, mixing, refining

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