Universal Manifold Drive System

The Universal Overhead Depositing System is normally mounted over an existing production line, steel oven band or tray conveyor. It can be equipped with different types of pressurised plain depositing manifolds , combination manifolds or wire cut manifolds. When applied for marshmallows it will enable the producer to make deposited, extruded or wire cut products.


Otherwise simple confectionery items can be made such as items deposited on sugared or starch sprayed conveyors or items deposited onto a cookie or between cookies as a filling.

Combining different types of manifolds with this Universal Manifold Drive System, with integrally equipped process conveyors, rotary indexing systems , biscuit infeed magazines, etc offers the producer a wide range of depositing applications . Typically these systems are made for operating widths of 800 mm, 1000 mm, 1200 mm, 1500 mm.




Stainless steel cladding and structure
  • Strong
  • Hygienic
Touch screen HMI with remote electrical panel
  • Precise depositiong control
  • Recipe storage
    Data storage
  • Process and temperature monitoring
XYZ motion
  • 3 axes of motion possible
  • Maintenance trolley
  • integral depositing conveyor
  • biscuit dispenser


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depositing centre fill, depositing chocolate, depositing multi layer, depositing pressurized, depositing side by side


Bakery, Candy & sweets, Chocolate

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