Stretch wrapping machine

The range of automatic stretch wrapping machines delivers optimal stability, reliability and pallet load. The various models can be executed with a rotating platform, a rotating arm or a rotating ring. The stretch wrappping machines allow for stable and compact packing of any type of palletized product with stretch film and may be executed with special features or with non-standard dimensions. These machines can be integrated in existing packaging line or stand alone.

Features     (depending on type of wrapper)
Powered pre-strech ratio up from 300% up to 400%
Automatic hooking, cutting And film sealing unit
Turn table rotation start and stop at low speed with frequency control
Electric control panel with PLC and operative panel
Film roll up&down stroke speed adjustable by frequency driver
Stretchable film tension adjustment
Arm rotation start & stop at low speed controlled by frequency driver
Photocell for automatic pellet height detection
Visual display for fault signalling and cycle times setting
Pantograph type top pneumatic presser  (ring model)
Integrated water proof top sheet dispenser (ring model)


Stretch wrapping system production speeds
standard Special
Rotating platform 16 18
Rotary arm 20 30
Rotary ring 40 55

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stretch wrapping


Bakery, Beverage, Candy & sweets, Chocolate, Cocoa processing, Coffee industry, Dairy, Fish, Fruits and vegetables, Logistics, Meat, Pharmaceutical

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